Now you people have to treat me with respect and call me ‘mister’ instead of slapping me over the head when I go off on a whinge about my future. Why? Because you’re reading the words of the editor at large of a new student newspaper that is going to come out in this town from this autumn. It’s still not 100 per cent sure, but that’s not my problem.

It will have a circulation of about 1 thousand, and will be distributed for free to the students of the sixth forms in this town and to the university. It is something that one of the charities in town is doing, and I get to decide most of the content.

Why did I get it? Apparently my English teacher is on the board of the charity, and she put my name forward and a while ago she asked if I could write an essay as a writing clip. I did, and thought nothing of it, and today she asked if I would be interested in editing it.

I know you’re laughing now, considering the level of grammar and style on this blog, and the errors that regularly slip by my not so critical eye when I post to the blog, but my course- and school work is quite a lot more polished than what I put here. I’ve managed to fool school that my standards are higher. Teehee.

I have about a million ideas already for what I want to write about, and I have about two dozen people I want to ask about writing for it. From Ben (because he is a better writer than me) to some of the people at school. I just have to keep in mind not to make it an entirely nepotist project where I enrol friends of mine. It’s not supposed to be the school newspaper. There is already one of those, and it’s the megaphone of the school staff and is therefore utterly boring.

I have so much to do now, and so little time. Whelp.