The court heard how Mr Simpson was bullied at his celebration and tanning oil was poured over him by other people at the party before he was set alight.

Mr Simpson, who had Asperger’s Syndrome and learning difficulties, was bullied during the party at his flat in Cudworth due to his disability and sexuality, prosecutors had said.

A judge heard how he was told to take off his shirt and encouraged to dance around before having obscenities scrawled on his body.

Sheard, who was egged on by others, set light to the teenager’s groin area after he was sprayed with suntan oil in the early hours of 23 June.

Mr Simpson was taken to a specialist burns unit at Pinderfields Hospital, in Wakefield, but died two days later.

via BBC News – Man jailed for birthday party death of Steven Simpson.

In other parts of the media it is described that the judge, Roger Keen, described this as “good natured horseplay”. I suppose that if they had gone full Matthew Shepard on this guy, it would be described as “a bit of healthy excercise that went a bit awry”.

I’m furious.