An exchange on Twitter made me realise how ridiculous my life is where I am never disconnected from the internet, and I fully expect my sleeping self to be busy with dream tweeting through my phone.

twitterconvoThe truth is that the only time I can think of when I don’t have my phone, and the whole of the internet, within reach is when I’m in the bathroom. And, I sometimes have the phone with me then too, so it’s not universal rule by any means.

In my post about my magazine project, I touched a little on my media consumption patterns, and I mentioned that my grandparents listened to the radio and watched the telly. My parents have slightly different habits and watch the telly and use computers. I use the computers that I have and then my phone. It is like a generational shift between different mediums. From the big to the small. Maybe my generations kids will have the phone and then something like Google Glass.

At this point, would I ever even want to disconnect from the internet,  ever? Would it actually be possible to disconnect? And would it actually be prudent to disconnect? I get nearly all my information through the phone. I read the news, listen to music, snap pictures to share with friends, and keep in touch with far-away friends – all over the internet. My whole social life is built around it, and the ease with which it is to stay in touch.

sony-xperia-acro-s-white-imageTo disconnect would be to be out of the loop, where one is unreachable by friends, parents, school staff, and others. The torrent of information that I consume or filter would not find me. To be disconnected, for my generation, would be a bit like being blind.

Each generation brings the medium closer to the skin. My grandparents had a communal media consumption around the telly and the radio. My parents had these boxes they individually consumed media with. My generation carry much smaller boxes with us at all times. The next generation perhaps immerse themselves in their mediums; step into the boxes. Like with Google Glass.

Is this even good?