Today is the last day of school before the Easter holidays, which means that we’re about to have two weeks of lovely vacation. Although, I have to admit that with the half-terms recently done, I’m not feeling very tired or worn-down. Summer term begins on April 12th, and then the race toward the A-levels is on.

bad_drivingIn the daily routine of my life, I’m surprised as often as not, when I’m being termed a school leaver. The staff can suddenly say the term, and the term has become more frequent in use lately. Leave school? Me? Oh, I am, am I not? Soon. Christ.

But for now, it’s just these wonderful free days ahead of me; days that I have no idea what I’m going to do with because Mark and I haven’t planned anything at all. I can start to panic about University later. Again. And I can start to be maudlin’ about this place later. That’ll be a first.

What I am going to do a bit of, now that I have the time and the temporary license, is to drive with Auntie. Mark and I are also going to go over to Wiltshire for some extended and more thorough driving with Mark’s dad.

“Are you going to be like Mark?” He asked me when we spoke last time. “If so, I need to fill up on my heart-medication.” So, now I have to face a time of the most obvious cruel driving jokes. Is it a part of the initiation into driving-hood? But Mark did smirk that he nearly killed everyone on at least three occasions when he drove with his dad.

Haroumph. From what I can judge, Mark is a pretty good driver. His road rage is limited to muttering when he has to wait for cars in road crossings. I just wish the insurance company would recognise his abilities because having two policies of the kind he has is going to murder us financially.

When I’m not endangering the lives of others in the car, I have an idea for a story that I’m going to write during the holidays. And I’m going to finish my proposal for how to do that magazine thing. I’ll be exhausted in a week and wish for school to start so that I could rest and relax.