If you haven’t ever read the Daily Mail, consider yourself lucky. It is a vile, disgusting rag of a newspaper that cater to the most base traits of xenophobia, homophobia, and rigid middle-class intransigence. Today they’ve sunk even lower than they usually do.


Newspapers haven’t been reliable sources for information for years, and that is particularly true in this country where unassailable press barons like Rupert Murdoch and the editor of the Daily Mail Paul Dacre rule the media supreme. Information, either through lying by omission of things that don’t suit the paper’s political stance, or by propaganda and deceit, make for a very misinformed public.

Recently the government introduced legislation to regulate newspapers, and it was a long-going fight where the rhetoric from particularly the Daily Mail was that it was a horrible infringement on the freedom of the press.

At the time, I was fairly luke-warm to both the regulation and the protests, given the actual evidence of what the press in this country do to people on a regular basis. It is like the press has no control over itself, and it can utterly ruin people, ordinary people, to sell a few copies more.

In Marvel’s comic Spider Man, Uncle Ben tells the newly minted Spiderman that “with great power comes great responsibility”. A true sentiment, and a wise philosophy to live by. But the press in this country couldn’t even begin to understand this principle.

The front page for tomorrow’s newspaper is going to be what included in the picture, and it references a case where two parents were convicted of setting their children on fire. A horrible, horrible crime committed by what appears to be a horrible, horrible set of parents.

This, the newspaper, uses to broadly brush everyone that receives any form of benefit from the government. It is not that this Mick Philpott is a murderer, and a particularly nasty one at that. It is that he is the product of receiving his benefits. It is like saying that he is innocent of his crime, and that he is instead a victim of receiving child benefits and job seekers allowance. That is what made him kill six of his own children by burning them to death.

Excuse me if my sympathies for the press decreases even more, and if my mind starts to egg the new press regulator on. Maybe this country actually really need one.