I have decided that me going over to Auntie’s house every other weekend to wait for the phone and do a lot of social networking on paid time is going to come to an end. The little money I get for that is nice, but I don’t need it. I want to focus on other things this summer to try to get my own future career on track.

Not so much a song and dance, but...
Not so much a song and dance, but…

Just a few days ago I sent a proposal to my teacher about the newspaper, and I basically proposed that we should create a system where phones are leveraged instead of websites or hard-copies. Most kids have phones, a good portion of kids have computers of their own, and a small minority reads newspapers and magazines. The habits of the audience dictate the most efficient vehicle for distribution, and that is the phone.

While I’m doing the newspaper I’m going to spend as much time as possible learning about these systems as I can, and then maybe have an eye to my secret dream project of my own kind of essay-magazine. Yeah, a lit student dreaming of his own literary magazine. How practical is that, on a scale?

This is also one of the reasons I’m a bit reluctant to go to Sweden and sit in a flat for a month, like I wrote in the last post. I feel that I should be here, and do this instead of going off and vacation while my man works the sweat off his brow.

In order to get time for all that, I’m afraid that my days as a letting agent clerk is coming to a close.