Last year Mark worked for a few weeks for my mum’s employer in Sweden, and he loved it. He often relates a lot of what he’s doing in school to what he did last summer. While my mum is leaving her present employer when the vacation hits, she has once again asked if Mark wants to come and work there.

It's that time of year again. We have to think about summer jobs.
It’s that time of year again. We have to think about summer jobs.

Last summer I was fairly adamant that he should go, even when he had his doubts about the whole thing. Those doubts were more about speaking the language, fear of failure, and that sort of thing. This time he knows what he would be getting into. And this time I’m not so sure that he should go.

The main objection is that if we went there, then we would have just a couple of weeks to prepare for the marriage when we came back. None of us are planning a huge, elaborate affair. Well, he might, but I don’t want to have a huge elaborate thing.

I still think we would need more than two weeks to prepare. However, and this is the thing, the more credits he gets that he can put on his CV, the better it is for him later on. And working there, at mum’s job, is a really good clip. They do fairly advanced works in things like Graphene and polymers and stuff.

It would also mean another four weeks of me sitting alone in Sweden, and while I enjoyed last year there were times when I was really suffering from cabin fever in our little house out in the countryside. Of course, we could get some place in a town, but still. He would be working, and I would not.

I feel that my reluctance about the whole thing shouldn’t get in the way of him getting good references and contacts. And I mean, they did offer to sponsor his university studies, so we already know that they really like him. It feels selfish of me to object, if he wants to do it. It would be really good for him.