I missed it yesterday because I was busy frantically moving my controller in order not to die in Bioshock Infinite, but yesterday this blog turned exactly one year old.

In human terms the blog is now a toddler that crawls around and drools on everything, but that is a description that could have fit from day one. Sometimes it certainly has been screaming at four A.M. in the morning about random things. At least I don’t have to change its nappies. That is something.

As I’ve said before, this blog has just been the public face of my journals, the place where I put things that I don’t want to hide from the world, so the likelihood that it will become another year older is big.


I am very pleased with the stats of the blog, and I want to thank everyone for following me and reading me. You all do my little ego good. Maybe one day I’ll reach the lofty heights of stats that some of you that read this have. I’m quite a competitive person, and I could see myself prepping for a race. 🙂

When the blog enters its terrible two’s, I can’t say. Hopefully this brain child will be well-behaved, and not pee too much on everything even as it ages.