Today Mark and I had a prolonged, and extensive shared exercise that lasted for hours. He was my pillow, and I was his foot-stool, and he put crisps I my mouth when I gaped. If he didn’t I tickled him until he did. Worked well.

The Ascent Of ManThis while I read a “The Ascent of Man” and while he watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones. The book, by the way, is a horribly dated but still very interesting book written by Jacob Bronowski.

The book is a series of essays about the emergence of scientific thought; from paleoanthropology to chemistry and maths and so on. It’s really interesting, although the theories and the basis for the books have shifted considerably since 1973 when it was first published.

After successive periods of testing I can attest that our new modular sofa not only fulfils the stylishness requirement that I had, but also very much lives up to the comfort-levels that Mark demanded. So, we are both happy puppies about the sofa, and can thus idle in extreme comfort like this.

The ever-present problem is that once we were horizontal in this bout of idleness, the animal segment of our little family demanded to be included. Like with the cloth that we had over the old sofa, the casing on the new sofa is started to look quite hairy.

In particular Lady is shedding at the moment, and her hair is much longer and more visible than Watson’s fur.

And it is time to go walkies with them, and Mark went this morning so it’s technically my turn. I wonder if he’ll go if I tickle him until he does? Or maybe I should go anyway so that he forgets about my suggestion to just print out the cards for the marriage ceremony invitations? He was a bit annoyed, and claimed we had to put some effort in those and write them by hand.