So, this Friday is the last official day of the in-between terms free time with a dash of the Easter break. On Monday yours truly will have to trudge back to school again, and in a month or two I will have those papers that everyone says I will never look at again once I have them. The General Certificate of Secondary Education Advanced Level, or more commonly known as the A-Levels.

Now that my silly pretensions have been smacked down to pursuing the course left to the proletariat, I already know I have the necessary marks to get into the local university, so I don’t feel any pressure or stress at all about the A-levels. Yes, I am exaggerating now because I feel quite good that things are as they are.

If I continue as I have, I will have my A:s, and possibly one or two A*. I would have to do nothing at all for the remaining two months to dip beneath what I need for the conditional offer from the local university, and that’s not going to happen.

But I feel both a bit restless and quite rested. Oddly, it feels as if I have had too much vacation lately. Is that allowed to be uttered if you’re my age? I want something substantive to do, and while the last two weeks have been good, I miss my friends and want to hear all about what’s been going on with them.

That’s a down-side, I suppose, to going to school in another town than the one you live in. The chances to just go out with said friends are diminished. I don’t have any reason to go to their town, and they don’t have any reason to come to mine.