There is an apparent correlation that say that in places where feminism is strong, support for gay rights is strong as well. Where feminism and women’s liberation is weaker, support for gay rights is weaker as well. I am wondering if there is a case to be made that the advance of feminism has aided and helped an LGBT-rights movement to grow and prosper.

feministIn his book “Sex in History” that was published in 1954 already, G. Rattrey Taylor, made the connection that there was a universal phenomena in cultures based on a patriarchal ordering of society. They combined a view that women were best in subordinate roles compared to men, and they had a very hostile view of male homosexual practises.

Cultures based on matriarchal principles were more likely to have a higher tolerance for male homosexuality. Taylor made the point that the tradition of the Christian West had, in the main, though there are exceptions, been based on patriarchal structures. And therefore the West had adopted a very hostile view of male homosexuality.

Female homosexuality has a different set of problems in these circumstances than the men do. While all political and cultural pressure is directed at male homosexuality, both by the agents of tradition and by the male homosexuals that fight for their own place and their own worth. Lesbians have a hard time gaining a voice in the patriarchal cultures of both the male gay activism and among the anti-gay forces. Lesbians are basically made invisible.

But in a way that has been the problem of women, in general, and its solution is found in feminism. Lesbians have gained a voice through feminism that speaks of the worth of women in relation to the male ordering of society. And the curious thing is that from the time of the suffragettes, as women have gained in rights and responsibilities, so has male homosexuals to the point where the whole patriarchal house of cards seem to be heading for a fall.

In most of the West today, with pockets of resistance, the traditional gender roles have been undermined, and where this process has rooted itself the firmest we find the greatest support for LGBT rights. It would seem that LGBT rights and feminism go hand in hand, and where one is strengthened, so is the other. In order to gain LGBT-rights faster, the LGBT-rights movements should perhaps push feminism just as hard as same-sex marriage.