I, Auntie and Mark drove to the cemetery yesterday where my sister is buried to clean the grave and put new flowers on it. After, I did the obligatory thing and sent pictures that I took with my phone to mum. We brought both cars, both our and Aunties, so that Auntie could stay the night in Brighton with my cousin, her daughter. That means that I was allowed to drive part of the way.

I haven’t been upgraded to be allowed to drive on town streets yet. Auntie says she wants to feel more comfortable with me behind the wheel before she lets me do that. Of course she also complains about my use of the gear stick. I just can’t remember to switch gears at times, and she, increasingly annoyed, points this out as we drive.

This has the funny consequence that I start to focus too much on remembering to switch gears that I forget other things, like using the blinkers. I don’t think I’m actually cut out for driving. Maybe I should just resign to fate and let Mark do it, since he’s the one that takes to it so naturally. On the other hand I’ve spent too much money to give up now. I am stubborn, yes I am.

We didn’t stay long at the grave because the weather was ever so nice with lots of sunshine, and we wanted to do some things in Brighton. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen Brighton in sunshine. When I’ve been there before, it has always rained. This time though we walked the streets, and had a look at the famous pier. One of these days we have to go into the amusement park that’s out on it, and not just look at it from the beach. It does look horribly kitsch, though.

We just came home an hour ago, and the trip made me upbeat and excited, and I’m not really in the mood for sleep, although I have to get up at seven. The conundrums of a pupil… Go to bed in order to go to school, or stay up and be a zombie the next day. Whatever should I do?