I have an unexpected free time this morning because one of my teachers became ill, and there wasn’t time to find a substitute. So, I’ve sat in the library doing the home work I was saving for this evening. It also gives me time to blog a bit, and actually answer comments.

unrulyclassSometimes I wonder when it goes days without me answering any comments if you think I’m so haughty that I ignore it, but I don’t. Truly. Often I’m just too tired to think of something interesting to say, or I’m really busy. We’re just weeks away from the first test now, and the pace is quite hectic.

While I’m not too worried about the results from the tests, because I think I’ll do well, it doesn’t pay to slack off now in the revision phase. Thoroughness pays in the end, and I guess that I want to leave this place with as good a result as I can muster – even if my university placement has been sorted already.

There’s also a bit of friction because Ghost Girl downstairs left her tenancy, and we want to find another one, and the people Auntie sends us doesn’t seem to gel that well with us. With Ghost Girl we didn’t really have a say, and once installed down below she barely said a word to us. We feel that if someone is going to live in our house, the least they can do is nod a good morning to us now and then. Finding that tenant is a bit of a stress we could do without. We also don’t want some party animal down there.

As long as the flat downstairs is empty, Mark’s contribution to the household till is minimal, and as always when it comes to that he starts to feel like he’s not contributing anything and just live off me and my savings. We’ve been there before, and neither of us wants to open that debate again. We could have done without that bother right now, with the school work beings as intense as it is.

So, there’s a bit on our plate at the moment, and if I am not too active here it’s not because I’m too full of myself. 🙂