Meeka over at her blog mentioned that she didn’t like everything about The Doors, which was such a sacrilege ( 😀 ) that I had to go to youtube and construct a playlist of The Doors tracks. Well, as far as I had time to enjoy them while sitting at the library trying to do honest school work.

The Doors, “The End”–is probably my favourite track from this band. It’s such mood music that you can have on in the background and just feel incredibly grounded. Or not.
The Doors, “Light my fire”–I actually sand this song to Mark once. It was well received. Well, apart from changing the lyrics a bit. I know that’s a sacrilege, but Mark is not a girl, so it’s weird to sing about girls to him.
The Doors, “Riders on the storm”–another great mood track from the Doors.
The Doors, “Roadhouse blues”