Today I go off on study leave, which is the most ridiculous thing ever since I have to go in to school every day and participate in revision classes for about two hours. They are voluntary, with air quotes around the word, because the teachers have made it absolutely clear that not attending will be taken as a mark that we’re not serious about our studies. Normal classes will cease, however.

StudySo, now I actually hope to have more time to do my projects,because I have neglected them for months. And I will have more time for my blog – isn’t that nice? 🙂

Oh my poor neglected projects. I haven’t forgotten them, or quit them. I’m still working on the code base for my game. Sometimes I open my IDE and tinker with some piece of code, without doing much. I also have the newspaper project, which I haven’t heard anything about for a bit since both I and the involved teacher has been quite busy. And I also have an idea for a new book that I think that I’m going to try to write this summer.

I have already written the first draft of my first scene, where the main character is introduced. It’s a fantasy book, for once. I usually get ideas about contemporary fiction, but this time it is pure fantasy. I’m having a blast forgetting myself, losing myself in this world I’m discovering. I’m not sure where I’m going with it yet – it’s more about discovery at this point.

These are the times when you discover the limits of technology. Having upgraded from carrying a pen and a notebook with me at all times, I now have the phone to jot down notes on when they strike me out of the blue. Except sometimes it takes a bit of effort to interpret the creative entries that I forget about after ten minutes.

The last project on my mind is of course the wedding in August. We’ve got it covered I think, and Mark is the ring-master for that with all his lists and notes on the cork-board. I actually feel a bit warm and fuzzy inside about how seriously he takes it, and how much time he spends with his notepad writing new lists and notes about it.

I feel absolutely confident about leaving that in his capable hands, with the caveat that I actually want to be consulted so that we don’t end up with a big old church wedding with 3000 people who have to be fed and watered with alcoholic beverages. His relatives are indeed numerous.