The thing about being known to be able to sing is that you are asked to provide cheap or free live entertainment. As a bona fide stage rat, this is a situation that is very well suited for me, and I seize every opportunity to perform. Which is a bit confusing since I tend to be the socially awkward person.

When I sing it’s like I become a different persona, and the change just clicks in my head. The book worm Colin that’s content to sit on the side-line and observe slips away, and a Colin that has more in common with Mick Jagger’s swag and who grasps the chance to be in the spotlight with all lights on him appear.

In the comment field earlier I promised that I would post a new song, and I have done so, except on my other short-form blog that is more suited for that kind of thing. Here is the link. It was recorded live by smartphone, so it is nowhere near a good recording, but a promise is a promise.

Since it appears that it is more difficult than I thought to get back my pick-up and my microphones from the three people that over the months have borrowed them for their own various projects, the smart-phone recording will have to do. For now.