With the week over, with mum packed off to the Midlands, and with a clutch of new books on the table next to the bed, we can finally ease down and have a breather. Well, at least until the most impossible, stubborn, and intransigent boyfriend in the whole world stops sulking as if he was eight and not eighteen.

Wütender schwuler Mann schreit seinen Partner anSigh. Today looks like a day of the small annoyances; the ones that have crept up over time and needs an airing, and so the mood of Casa Mark et Colin is frosty and tense. We’re sitting in different parts of the house, being moody.

There’s no direct cause, not great difference or no great slight. It’s just that our moods have played off each other in the wrong way, and the little things that always seem to mount up between us after a month or two, have taken centre stage. If we could shoot lines of annoyances through the air at each other, I think there would be a tangle of blue electric fire all around the house for the dogs to be zapped by.

The dogs are funny, and they sense the different moods. Watson has come by the office several times now to check up on me, and he stands there on the threshold wagging his tail hesitantly, as if he’s trying to decide if he should be happy or not.

I’m trying to focus on my story, and get into the zone, but I keep going over the little arguments and counter arguments, and resist going downstairs to flare things up when I think of a new devastating line. These past two years have trained me well. It’s better if we stay away from each other for a bit, and then things will cool down, and we’ll be back to our usual sunny selves.

I don’t expect this too last for that long, if we just calm down and stay away from each other for a bit. To that end, as I said, I’ve been trying to focus on the new novel – but I’m procrastinating with it and constructing play lists on Youtube and writing this blog post.

Mum arrived all right up in Warwickshire, and the lorries had even arrived on time, but the man with the key was nowhere to be found so there was a bit of a panic going there. For some reason she thought it suitable to ring me about it while in the middle of that. I’m not sure how I could help all the way down here. They had to wait for four hours until they chased down the right person, and it seemed there had been a mix-up.