Today I had the last exam, and with that I am done with this school. I am never coming back here. Its halls and hallways will become dusty memories, and the sound of the voices that are so loud now will dim and fall silent. I shall miss it. It is a very good school, and I was lucky with the people who populated it at the same time as I.

Ahead of me lies summer. In previous years summer was the great release, and the great freedom, but I don’t really feel that now. Is that strange? I would have spent so many months looking forward to it, but now it doesn’t seem to be anything else but a yawning gulf of time until the next phase of my life begins. University.

Taste the word. University. It was such an abstract for all this time. Something that was far ahead in time, like a mirage. And now I’m on the threshold of it, and I don’t know quite what to expect. Will I make a fool of myself there? Will they finally tear the misapprehension of being a somewhat clever guy away, and expose me for the drooling idiot that I probably am?

I won’t have to get up early in the mornings any more and bike or bus the ten miles to school. Now I can just walk to it. Mark has forbidden me from taking the car. “We’re not that kind of people”, he says. And he’s right. If I could resist begging Mark to drive me in the morning while going to this college I’ve been at, I think I’ll manage to not take the car when I do get my license.

That’s what I will be doing this summer, getting the license. I have been driving with Auntie a lot, and I have been driving with an instructor a lot, and Auntie ever says I’m a pretty good driver now – if I remember to use the gears. Sometimes I forget, and she will slap me on the top of the hand. But most of the time I don’t forget now. I suppose it will become second nature.

We were invited to go to Scotland this summer and visit my uncle who lives near Stirling, but nothing came of that, and I am quite pleased because I feel that now that we’re legal we should enjoy what is on offer here in the South. We can always travel farther later. We’re talking about a repeat of our trip to Paris after the wedding. Yes, our short honey-week in Paris would be nice.

And then, in September, that new phase starts. University. Taste. it. Uni. Versity. Such a strange word. I wonder what it will be like. I hope I will do well. I hope it will be as good as what I’ve had here. We spent the weekend elsewhere. I shall detail that in a separate post later today.