Sometimes things happen in clusters. Earlier Daft Punk released its long awaited “Random Access Memories” album, and it included a homage to Giorgio Moroder. Now Pet Shop Boys, that fixture band from the 1980s and 1990s is releasing a new album, and it includes a track produced by… Giorgio Moroder. So, Giorgio is everywhere at the moment. Including on this blog now, because here’s three tracks which feature him. Couldn’t happen to a better bloke, I suppose, because, you know, Moroder started everything in Electronic Dance Music.

Pet Shop Boys, “Axis”–possibly the most PSB track in years. Daft Punk is not the only people looking back to their roots. PSB is here looking to their own roots. The track is off their album that will be released in July this year.
And speaking of Daft Punk, this is “Giorgio by Moroder”, the monologue off Daft Punk’s last album Random Access Memories. Daft Punk included an homage to Moroder because Moroder set off the whole electronic music scene based around synthesizers.
And this is the track that started the genre known as Electronic Dance Music, which has come to dominate modern music. The track from 1977 by Donna Summer has Giorgio Moroder as the producer, and this is the first massively successful commercial track featuring the Moog synthesizer.
And this is my favourite track from the new PSB album so far, “Vocal”. It has nothing to do with Giorgio though, but I include it anyway because I am consistent that way.