One of the reasons why I’ve not been very active on the blog of late is that I started playing Eve Online again. Unlike other MMOs, Eve is not really for casual play. In a game like World of Warcraft you log in, do a raid or a few quests, and then log out when you’re satisfied. In Eve, you’re never satisfied, and the game just keeps you in.

Pilgrim512I think, if I’m going to be honest and I should be honest here on the blog, is that I don’t think it was such a good idea to start again. I may give it another week, to see what changes have been brought into the game, and then I’ll stop. The reason being is that I think that Eve is a terribly addictive game.

There is always that one more thing to do, that one more attack to perform, that one more fleet to join. And before you know it, you’ve been at the computer for six hours straight, and anything else you planned to do that day is gone.

I noticed this today when we were going to see my mother. I logged in, lost track of time, and was then annoyed when Mark came up to the office to tell me to get ready because we were going in fifteen minutes. Why was I annoyed? Because Eve sucks you in. And that’s why I think I’m not going to continue.

I could very well see me get dragged in one hundred per cent into the constant drama. It’s like a news-junkie being dropped into the stream of Google News. The scale of the game is so massive, and the idea of emergent gameplay where your little action in one corner of New Eden could have an impact on players in another corner is fascinating.

But Eve is not a game that suits anyone in a relationship. While I have massive amounts of free time until University starts in the autumn, I have a life. With Mark, and the dogs, and with my friends. To get anything out of Eve, you have to commit a lot of time and effort. Since the PVE, ie where you shoot non-player characters, is so immensely boring in this game, you have to get into the social side and into the meta-game.

Arguably Eve has the deepest meta-game of any MMO, and with developers that don’t meddle in the affairs of the players in game, it leads to spectaculars sometimes. Internet spaceships is serious business indeed, and some people don’t seem to be able to separate their game from their life. I don’t want to be that person.