When my capacity for aggression is not at the forefront of my mind, I have occupied myself with a little musical project that I will reveal to you all in a day or two when the polish is done and dried. Whilst earlier attempts have been to be minimalist; just a man, his voice and a guitar (or piano), this time I’m attempting to create a sound wall in a recording.

This means that I have had to meticulously record myself first singing, and then I’ve had to do numerous takes with a borrowed electric guitar, followed by attempts to create a beat with a computer generated bass line as well as drums. By now the result is a quite a rocky song, and I could very well see it played by some noisy independent rock band in a smoky pub somewhere in these parts.

It is not ready yet, so I will not be releasing it for another few days. When it comes to my attempt at music, I am a perfectionist, and there are some quirks and kinks that I will have to redo. Maybe they are only audible to me, but since they are audible to me, I feel compelled to do something about it because when I do release it, I want this one to be as perfect as I can make it.

I thought that I would give a heads up that something is coming, and when it is revealed I hope that you all will like it. I did make an attempt at a rockier sound two years ago, and I put that online. You can hear that attempt here, but I warn you to put your volume low because it is not very good.

When you get several creative people into a group, and when they attempt to form a band, there is a danger that everyone will try to out-do the others, and this is what doomed that attempt at a band. I am barely audible above the screaming of the electric guitar, and since that recording was just from one mic in one room without independent channels to adjust and mute and all, it became what it became. A quite jarring thing.