Today I was supposed to release my new “single”, if you will, but I didn’t get anything done on it, so you will have to wait longer. Instead we went to bathe and cool off because uncharacteristically, for this country, we’re having a heat wave. The temperature was 30 C, and we were too hot.

funny-sunburnI have to admit that I’m not really the person to suggest to anyone that we’ll go bathing, but when Mark suggested this morning that we should go, I didn’t protest. It was already becoming hot, and it looked like we’d be sweating like pigs before long.

Being typically English, the risk for us is that we turn a pinkish hue and start to moult, while living in agony. I think we put on sun-screen with a strength of 4000 before going outside. Then we just drove off, picked up a few friends that agreed to join us, and spent the rest of the day submerged in the English Channel.

We only came home at nine, and of course I immediately logged into Eve Online and was lost for two hours before Mark dragged me downstairs for a late meal so that we could compare notes properly and talk about the silly things we, or our friends, had said and done during the day.

Of course, I had to explain to both mum and dad why my phone had been off today. You see, when I decide to go off the grid, they decide it’s time for an update, and if I don’t answer immediately they start to think I’m dead in a ditch somewhere – or on the run to France – and they start to ring again and again and again until I answer the flipping phone.

So, that is my excuse for not releasing my new single to the world, so that it can receive the accolade it deserves (or the criticism). But since we are, sometimes, positive people we’ll just pretend that you’ll like it very, very much, and that since you know the CEO of some record company you’ll immediately ring him or her and tell that person about that awesome talent in Surrey. You would do that, wouldn’t you?

Now it’s past one am, and while I am tired, I don’t really want to sleep because it is still quite warm, and I want to write a little before I go to bed. The house is quiet, and warm, and the dogs are here. Mark is snoring away already, and everything is quiet, and I feel quite content about things. Things could be a lot worse.