This is a really good editorial piece about the convoluted reasoning of Christians in relation to gay kids. A Baptist Church in the United States thought it more important to disenfranchise a whole scout troop than to allow the evils of one quite hypothetical gay kid to sully their church.

It wasn’t about an actual gay kid that they raised their fingers to point at and condemn, but a quite hypothetical one. The reasoning from the church for voting unanimously for the scout troop’s charter to expire was that the Boy Scouts of America had fallen for political and economic pressure, and that this church had no cause but to draw a line in the sand. And that line in the sand is to kick out ALL boys, rather than to allow the potential taint of one hypothetical gay kid.

But it doesn’t. This is where my stomach begins to turn as I try and comprehend the thought process of the adults who made this decision at First Baptist. They’re not just saying that a kid who is gay—or more precisely, a kid who admits to being gay, since the Scouts have never prohibited closeted homosexuals from participating—doesn’t deserve to be exposed to that positive influence. They’re saying that there’s greater value in denying that influence to all boys than in tolerating the possibility of even one gay boy receiving the same. They’re saying that exclusion for exclusion’s sake is, to use Rev. Baxter’s own words, “an integral part of building character and integrity.”

The equality fight is not at all about equal rights, as such. That fight didn’t end with the Supreme Court decisions about DOMA and Proposition 8. The equality fight is about the motivation for enacting a DOMA and a Proposition 8 in the first case – and that motivation is illustrated in the decision of this little church.

Gay people are intrinsically bad, and gay people are so incompatible with the Christian values. Gay people are so bad that it is better for a church to remove all services from all boys than to allow for the inclusion of one hypothetical gay kid.

This is what we in the LGBT community fight against, and anyone that is for a second fooled into thinking that the vast majority of overt Christians is not wed to the reasoning of this church should wake up. Even if they do not articulate this reasoning, they still perpetuate it by their silence or their quiet acquiescence.


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