In a seven degrees of separation kind of way, my old position as letting agency weekend clerk has been filled by none other than Abbie, and he seems to do a much better job of it than I ever did. Which is not difficult to achieve because I don’t think my heart was ever in it.

youngprofessionalsYesterday when I was putting the finishing touches on my song, which I posted over on my other blog yesterday, Auntie came over to raid my little stock of wine. I feel quite pleased with myself that her motivation for de-stocking my stash is that I “have a good taste” and my “stuff is usually drinkable”. But she could have asked for a list, instead of demanding bottles. There is quite some time before the weekend, and I’m sure she’ll see the inside of a shop before then.

Auntie is hosting my mother-in-law this weekend because Mark’s parents is coming over. They are going to see a show in London on Saturday, and will stay over at Auntie’s house because there really is no room here. Since Auntie and my mother-in-law are quite fast friends these days, Auntie has planned a girls’ night where Mark’s dad will be punted out to the pub, or to us. Most likely Mark’s dad will renew his contacts with old friends in town, and will plant his bottom on a stool in his old haunt for these sort of things.

The only effect on us, thus, is that my little selection of wine has been quite needlessly diminished. But Auntie has promised to replace it, and she usually keeps her promise, although I have learned the hard way that I should be present when she buys me wine. Her selections can be quite hit and miss. Last time she bought me a horrible German white wine. It was sweet and sour, and the only thing sweet and sour that I consume is Chinese food.

It is in this context that Abbie pipes up, because he was with her in his capacity as her clerk, and rattles off a list of good wines. Our young Muslim friend has learned his alcoholic beverages well by now, and can confidently navigate the vintages and grapes. I would like to think that I have rubbed off somewhat, and that I have contributed to the despoiling of the Islamic purity. Religion is such a strange thing, and it’s best if people just ignore it, whether they are Christian or Muslim.

And he’s doing quite well as her clerk, and they told me that he would not only be a weekend such, but that she was going to hire him part-time. That means that when University comes around, he will have a job, and be a contributing member of society. Not such idle lay-abouts like Mark and I. He also seems a bit more confident about asserting himself like that. Maybe he will break the bonds of his parents and become a confident person. At least he’s not afraid to talk about his boyfriend these days.

As to me, it seems like I have turned my days and nights around and stay up until three-four in the morning to write, and then I sleep until noon or past noon. I did it yesterday, and I’ve done it now. This has led to chuckled accusation from the love of my life, who as always insists on bouncing out of bed at ungodly hours in the morning. But he too will take up his chosen profession again after the wedding, so that leaves me as the idle youth that amounts to nothing.

But I am half-way through my novel. I have written about thirty-five thousand words now, and since I expect it to be around eighty thousand, it means that I’m halfway to the end. It seems that my pattern of the last two years is holding; in writing a novel in the summer.

If it is any good remains to be seen, but at least I keep doing it. If my MMO playing doesn’t get in the way. That’s another reason to shut down the computer gaming soon. My subscription will run out in a few days, and I am not likely to renew it.