I know what we are getting as a wedding present from my dad, because he needed some information in advance from me in order to give it to me. We are getting a two-week trip, a honeymoon. He wanted to give us two weeks in New York, but I’m hesitant because I do not want to hand over my passport to the Yanks for months on end in order to prove I’m not a terrorist.

honeymoonMy initial instinct was to suggest Paris instead, because I really like that city, but I also want to go somewhere that I haven’t been to yet so I’m conflicted about going east or west. There are so many options that would cost about the same.

Australia, Asia, the Caribbean, South America… there are so many options here that I can’t make up my mind, and I have to because dad needs to order the tickets, and I need to get the Visa sorted, so I don’t have too much time. Not if the honeymoon is going to be enjoyed in a reasonable time after the wedding.

That said, New York would also be nice, and it’s one of the few American cities that I actually do want to visit. But I don’t like what I’ve read about the difficulties in getting Visas, or the fact that the Yanks will sit on my passport for so long. I have to get a VISA because when I was fifteen the Swedish police interviewed me and thought I might be involved in an act of vandalism at my old school. I was dismissed from that case because I had nothing to do with it, but it makes me ineligible for a UK VISA waiver program, apparently.

It feels like they don’t want visitors, and it would be rude of me to insist on going there if they don’t want me to.

So, where should we go? Suggestions? Warnings? Help me out here. The indecision about what to suggest to Mark is eating me. 😀