I took a little break from the blog because I haven’t really had anything to say lately that doesn’t mean going around in a circle and writing about things I’ve said well enough before. The last week has been singularly uneventful, with lots of computer game playing, but nothing much else going on.

I still can’t say that anything has happened, but I thought it was time to give a life-sign so that people didn’t think I’d abandoned the blog. Which I haven’t. It’s only that it has been too hot for any activities beyond lying submerged somewhere with either Ben or Abbie or some other friend.

The other day same-sex marriage became law in this country when the Queen told all the other queens to proceed and marry. She did that formality of granting Royal Assent to the marriage bill, and thus the first same-sex marriages will be performed next year. England and Wales, thus, managed to beat Scotland in this, but Scotland is coming up fast behind.


All this did bring one question up which was rather quickly dismissed: should we wait until next year to get married, so we could do it properly rather than enter into a Civil Partnership first. But neither of us wants to wait. However, next summer, maybe in August 2014, we’ll have another little ceremony and “upgrade” the marriage.

By that time maybe we can have a joint ceremony with Abbie, because my mate is finally out to his parents, and like with me it was an incredibly anti-climatic experience for him. Someone saw Abbie with a guy and ran to tattle to his parents, and then Abbie oscillated between suicide and fantasies about running away. This before his parents sat him down and told him that they had known for years, and who was he that he thought that he was so much more clever than everyone else? “Why hadn’t he told them? Didn’t he trust them?” His mother went on the guilt-trip for lack of trust that they had to hear about his boyfriend from strangers.

Embarrassingly enough Abbie’s mum charged me with “teaching him about it”. What the hell am I supposed to do? Invite Abbie for a three-some? That will never happen. Abbie is my friend, and if he needs help I’m here anyway.


I thought I’d never go back to my college, but I was there yesterday and it was so deserted and empty; like a shell. I met with my former Teacher about the magazine, and showed her some files that I have tinkered with. I’ve downloaded a program called Scribus, and have been tinkering with some designs.

It seems like everything I was told about this project is being scaled down. When I started, they were all so enthusiastic and eager, but now faced with technical and economic limitations they’re all paring their ambition down to reality. I thought I would get the Adobe Indesign license, but I have to settle with the free Scribus instead. It’s not a bad program, mind you, but it’s not the industry standard for these things. It is like being promised a Jaguar as the company car during the interview, and then finding a Ford Fiesta in the car parking after the dotted line has been signed.


And now I’ve done what I said I wouldn’t do, I’ve gone in circles and said things that I’ve said many times before, but what the hell… It’s a life sign. 🙂