Another bout of partying is behind us. Yesterday we were entertained by a Canadian and his French girlfriend, so I drank quite a bit of Labatt beer and got into a debate about the merits of Hockey. Or rather, which country owned Hockey – Sweden or Canada. I can’t say I ever convinced him that hockey of course belonged to Sweden. That Canada probably invented the sport is just a detail of history that can be overlooked.

We drank the beer because that was what he had. He had missed the pis…. er brew and had bought a few (dozen?) six-packs of it. I can’t say it tasted that much, but it did its work so when I woke up this morning my head weighed about ten times more than normal. But who am I to begrudge people for missing things from back home? I go ecstatic when I get knäckebröd and leverpastej here.

I met the French girl in a six degrees of separation sort of way. She will be attending university with me, at the same faculty, and we found that out because Stephen knows this girl and we met over at his place. Once we realised that we were going to go to school together, she invited us over. And Mark and I got to meet her and her boyfriend, and drink a lot of Labatt that the French woman wisely didn’t touch. She insisted on drinking “proper stuff”. I can’t say I blame her.

And then we woke up, and have spent most of the day taking it easy. I could even write some, and I am considering putting up a sample here when I’ve cleaned it up. It’s a long time since I showed you lot any of my writing. I have to show that I’m not just pretending, haven’t I? 🙂 I still want to be a writer. I just have to find a way to that goal. Which is why I ended up talking Hockey with a Canadian in a French future schoolmate’s flat.

I’m reminded of David Tenant’s clip about time and space being timey wimey stuff. I can well believe it. But at least it was Mark’s turn to cook today, so I didn’t even have to do that. And my stash of knäckebröd with leverpastej is gone, and has been gone a long time. Now I want some. Damn it.