Politically, economically, socially everyone comes from different places and different situations. Lords and toffs mingle with chavs and townies. Some make millions, some make nothing. Some are conservative, and some are socialist. The only thing that I can see that unites people is the ‘falling in love with people of the same gender’ bit.

duhLast night Mark handed over the cashier reins of his old school’s LGBT club. Since he has graduated, he can not continue in that role. For logistical reasons, he remained in the role until they could find a replacement. And to find a replacement they delayed the annual meeting to select the new people until last night.

When he had stopped bickering about being tidy or not, we went to that meeting which took place in Mark’s old school, and we got into an argument with some of the new people. One of the people that are taking over is a self-confessed Tory. I mean, he’s out of the closet as a Tory in this gay community, which in itself is a small miracle. Mark was not happy. ๐Ÿ™‚

The reaction was interesting, which made me think about this gay community, and the limits of it, and the essence of it. Is there really such a thing, and is this why I don’t feel like I belong to it? The essence is that you seem to have to conform to belong to this community. You have to adopt a certain amount of views without reflection. Basically, you have to agree to vote Labour to belong.

And that’s where I get off because I don’t automatically assume political positions without thinking about them first. I don’t feel comfortable with a gay community that drives issues like social justice and economic policy. I don’t want a gay community that’s an arm of a political party. If it already is an arm of a political party, then I donโ€™t think I want to belong to this gay community.

Diversity is only possible if you are, you know, diverse. Or you get a situation hinted at by the image I chose to illustrate this post with. And look where that sentiment is getting women in America at the moment. Ghettoizing a movement always lead to excesses and problems with the movement. Only through diversity can that be overcome, because diversity sand-papers down conflicts before they become immutable.