Nothing much is happening these days that I can entertain you with. No drama and angst and observations from the teeming mass of teenage humanity. I actually miss all that. Am I strange? To compensate I’m doing several artistic projects – for instance a new song!

This is a song that I got from Ben. So this is the first collaboration artistically between me and him. Back in College our interaction were more competitive. There couldn’t be two writers in the same year, so there could be only one. Unfortunately, when we tallied up the score after two years, Ben was the clear winner. So he got to write this song.

Unfortunately Ben is much more metaphysical than yours truly, and he is much more inspired by people like the Doors and Nirvana than more non-theist bands. 🙂 So, this is me singing quite a metaphysical song about “light from the beyond”. But then again, art is like that. You can do things that have nothing to do with your personal views, just to contrast and conflict.

I am planning to make one more song, as long as I have this electric guitar. When the friend of Stephen’s that I have borrowed it from comes home, I unfortunately have to part with it. I wanted to try to do something on the piano, but I’m not good enough on the piano yet.

I have been practicing ever since Mark bought it, and I am taking lessons from one of the neighbourhood ladies. It’s me and a bunch of six years old. It always feels quite funny when I come there to class and meet one of the other student who play with Lego on the floor. But then again, Mark has a box of Lego…


In other news, I have booked my theoretical driving test, and I will do that in September when we come home from our trip. It will be absolutely great to be able to take the practical test and get the license finally.

I have been diligently driving with Auntie and the instructor, or distructor as I prefer to call him because he’s very disorganised. Once he’s behind the wheel he’s all right, but it can take thirty minutes for him to get organised for a session, and he has to go and fetch things he’s forgot. I think I might be decent enough behind the wheel, and Auntie isn’t really complaining any longer when I drive.

But it’s going to be so good when I have the license and don’t have to bother with all this any longer. It’s time to get it over with, and finish it. I am after all pretty good in that I finish things, and it feels like it’s time to finish this drain on our finances.


Mark suffered from a bout of boredom, so he took the car and drove off. An hour and a half later he was back with a big pack of groceries, and he made a dish called Pasta alla Puttanesca, or the “Whore’s style pasta”. I liked the name for some reason. I think only Italians could come up with a name like that and get away with it. We prudish English would probably call it something unintelligible. Like “Spotted Dick” or “Toad in the hole” or “Faggots in rich cream sauce”.