The-Simpsons-Same-Sex-MarriageSince it is August 1st soon, and since this month is massive, I am going to have to warn that I will prioritize most things quite low. In two flipping weeks I’m getting married! There are a billion things to do!

I know I’ve said this before on this blog, and it is true that I won’t stop posting totally, but from next week the activity will be much lower everywhere in my life except in this particular narrow field that is our marriage.

If I seem to have a one-track mind over the coming week, it’s because I’m going to flipping marry Mark, and I can’t think of anything bigger than that. Finally, he’ll be legally mine! Mouahaha. *cough* Sorry. Like I said, I won’t becompletely gone, but there may go several days between each post.

After the marriage we will have about one week to catch our breath, and then we’re off to Cape Town for a honey-week. Or rather, it’s a week and a half. Ten days there, in town. I’m responsible for thinking about things to do while Mark arranges for the marriage. What do you do in Cape Town?

Update: 29th of July, 02.30

Writing errors are fun, aren’t they? I originally wrote that August 1st was ‘today’, and I posted this yesterday. Haha. Can you see my blushing face? What is worse… I didn’t spot it until now. I don’t know what possessed me to write ‘today’ when I was supposed to write ‘soon’. Maybe it was something I heard and transmuted into writing?