I was accused of being anti-american in a comment about the ‘secularism in US and Europe’. That is the second time I’ve been accused of being that particular thing in a few days. More amusingly I was told to move if I wasn’t happy with America.

I haven’t published it, so you will have to take my word for it. I would have to cut so much from the comment as to make it illegible because not only was I Anti-American, but I was also against God and morals and nature and human decency. Yes, it was that kind of comment. I don’t publish those comments. You’ll just have to go on thinking that all the comments that I get here on this blog are rosy and bright and erudite.

I sometimes get comments like that, and I suppose that goes with the territory of being an out homosexual. I also sometimes get very creepy suggestions, which sometimes makes me regret being an open young homosexual. Many don’t care about my mind, my interests, my life, or the fact that I’m in a relationship. They just want me to post nudes and please them. That too goes with the territory I’ve found.

If I get those kinds of comments, I don’t want to think what the prettier and more photogenic guys get in the comment fields. Maybe physical beauty is indeed more of a curse than a blessing.

ostkakaToday, well yesterday since I haven’t gone to bed yet, I ran five miles extra fast. I half-joked that I ran that fast because we had Swedish cheese cake at home. Swedish cheese cake is not the same as the dish you know as cheese cake. In fact, here is a picture of it. It’s delicious. Mum gave us a plate that we’ve kept in the freezer, and yesterday Mark took out a piece to try it because he’s never had it.

The thing about this cheesecake is that you should eat it somewhat warm. Definitely not hot, because that kills the flavours, and definitely not cold because that turns the dessert into a solid brick. No, around 40-50 degrees is the best temperature, and then the almond-like soft taste comes out best.

The other thing about this cheese cake is that you make it by using rennet, and it’s almost like making your own cheese. But you can also cheat and use ready-made cottage cheese. The best result comes from doing the whole thing at home, with the rennet.