I haven’t written much about the whole affair with Edward Snowden and his month-long residence at the Moscow airport because the whole thing is an absurd farce where liberals and leftists of all stripes have been busy trying to new-speak themselves into supporting fascist measures and into supporting extensions of the Bush-era policies that they used to complain vigorously about when the Republicans were in office.

Looking at UK media today, I’m having serious thoughts about maybe quitting it all totally. What is the point of trying to enter this kind of apparent echo chamber?

The run down of the absurd is the following. The UK government has been on an anti-foreigner binge lately, with the low-water-mark of having two vans circulate through London telling immigrants to go home.

You also have the usual suspects complaining about the EU from the point of view of not “having foreigners run our country”. Of course now we know that the likes of UKIP are perfectly prepared to let foreigners run our country, because they have been perfectly mum about today’s revelations. As has the rest of the UK media.

What happened was that the Guardian revealed that our intelligence services has been bought and paid for by the Yanks. So, we have outsourced our most vital and most sensitive government functions to one set of foreigners. Then we turn around and complain about another set of foreigners.

Despite the fact that this usurpation of our most secret programs of the government, the Guardian is the only newspaper or television station in this country that has mentioned this story. To me it seems like a huge story, a massive story, on par with the Phone Hacking scandal.

But if you were to look at the BBC you’d be fooled to think that the most important thing that has happened today was that the new Doctor would be revealed on Sunday.

This unfortunately fits into a pattern of the UK press. The Guardian banged on for years about the phone hacking scandal until the rest of the press bothered with it. I hope it’s not that same thing now and that we need a Millie Dowler to make the press do its job and cover this.

The saga of Edward Snowden appears to be over, for now, as he has thankfully been offered asylum in Russia. I’m not sure whether this is good or bad for Mr. Snowden as I don’t trust Russia to be particularly interested in his well-being. Hopefully it will mean that he can slink out of the public eye and find a place of safety and security.

Hopefully the focus will turn to what it was that he revealed rather than be about who and what he is. But looking at the press, I’m not holding my breath. The US media seems to have been totally tamed by the current administration, and the UK media seems to bury its head in the sand as usual.