There once was a country that was due to host  the next  Winter Olympic Games.  This nation had worked very hard  to secure the games.

This  nations leader saw it a  matter of both national and personal pride.  His nation  was emerging from  period of  economic  and political upheaval  stemming from  the collapse of its former imperial system and the resulting loss in prestige.

Less than a year  out  from those upcoming games,  this nation passed a host of new laws which specifically targeted  one minority group, painting a picture of this group as a threat to children, the nation, and society at large.   the new laws  stated:

  • Marriages for members of this minority were forbidden.
  • Sexual relations for members of this minority group were either restricted or forbidden.
  • Members of this minority group could be fired from jobs for no reason other than for who they were.
  • Members of this minority group were officially branded a security risk to the state.

As a result of these new laws being passed, groups of young thugs were reportedly emboldened into seeking out members of this minority group and harassing, beating and in some cases, torturing and even killing them.

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