Things have finally returned to normal here in the Colin & Mark household. Mum has started the drive back north, Mark’s parents are going to leave in a bit but they’re with Auntie now so they’ve gone from here. The gift wrappings have been put in the wheelie bin, and the dogs and the cat have settled down after all the people who have been here.

The rest of the lot has cleared out to the safety of obscurity now that the lioness of Mark’s mum isn’t there to lash them. I’m surprised a few of them didn’t find an excuse to avoid attending “two blokes getting hitched”, but I put that down to the fact that if they had refused, Mark’s mum would have been in the organising committee of their wedding or their baptism or their funerals…

It’s too early to tell really, but there seems to be a change in our relationship, if that is possible on such a short notice. It’s more relaxed, deeper, more complete. I’ll have to spend more time analysing this bit, or spend time wangsting about it. Or maybe it’s just an after-shock of the whole thing on Friday.

Maybe it’s the fact that whenever Mark sees me, he breaks out in this huge smile, runs and hugs me and calls me ‘husband’. I’m not complaining, mind you. It’s just a bit annoying if you’re doing the dishes, or trying to snipe in a computer game to suddenly be pinned down by bulging biceps. It’s distracting.

Speaking of which, we got enough money to buy a dish-washer. No more manual washing up! Yay! That’s to celebrate, and which I haven’t mentioned here, that both Mark and I comfortable got into the university. I got two A*, one A and one B. Mark got two As and two Bs. Of course, he got the As in Maths and Further maths, which were the important ones. I got the B in Philosophy.

That of course lead to the following exchange with dad. I was jumping up and down screaming like a twelve-year-old girl about the result when I was telling him. His response? “Why didn’t you get an A in Philosophy? You could have if you put a little more effort in”. Welcome to my family where nobody is ever pleased about anything.

There’s now two weeks of peace and quiet until we board the plane for Cape Town. We’re leaving on the 31st. Mark has already started to demand we go to Krueger National Park, but I think that’s like across the country from Cape Town, and I’m not too sure if it’s safe for two pooftahs to go there. And I’m not talking about being eaten by the Krueger park lions.