Stephen Fry on the nature of the Catholic Church.
Part 2 of Stephen Fry on the nature of the Catholic Church.

Elsewhere on the net, in another computer haunt that I frequent at times, the dull note of the wooden demagoguery of anti-god has reared its empty head again, making me think about what the hell I am doing.

I’m fighting an urge to go full nuclear and bomb people on my own side from orbit because, let’s admit it, sometimes the most fervent agitators of any cause can be stupidly and unreasonably dull. The arguments they repeat, by rote, is wooden and mute demagoguery.

They just add white noise that destroy the chance for communication, and the chance to move the debate from a ‘religious followers are stupid!’ and ‘atheists are religious too!’ to a place where people can see the truth that religion is inherently illogical.

So, yes, sometimes my atheist allies make me want to crush the same allies with large tomes by Tomas of Aquinas. I can try to sing Schubert’s Ave Maria as well. I’ll skip the cleric robes, though.

I think that my greatest atheist inspiration is Stephen Fry, and I think that you like him can be an absolutely implacable atheist while at the same time exhibiting some class. Instead of going down the path of say Richard Dawkins who said that all Muslims are barbarians because they don’t have as many Nobel Prize winners as the west, you can do like Fry and quote chapter and verse from the already mentioned Thomas of Aquinas to prove that religion is wrong.

Just look at the videos I posted with this entry. You don’t have to compromise with religion. You don’t have to operate on their terms. You don’t have to accept that people have a religious default, and that atheists should argue from within that default.

That’s the way to do it. Not the stupid talking-point based argument where understanding is not required, only the accepted dogma. If accepted dogma is used, the atheist agitators become just as bad as the religious zealots. And this makes me cross, and the only thing I feel I can do is to sit here and fume, and maybe look over to those other atheists that do it the wrong way and shout, with feeling: “Splitters!”