Mark is quite annoyed with me today because I have turned around the day, and I stay awake until three or four or five in the morning, and then sleep until near noon. He has complained, and I have promised to do something about it, and therefore I’ve decided to stay up the next night and not go to bed until tomorrow evening.

His objection is that we can’t do anything together because I’m sleeping away the days. And he’s probably right because I’ve been so preoccupied with the magazine. But it means that he’s annoyed with me, and gives me dark looks when we see each other.

As an excuse, I really want to get the magazine ‘done’ so I can focus on my own thing until I meet with the charity board. I really want to learn Django well, and understand it, and start to work on the “Young Contrarians”-thing. I want to create the CSS-file, and then the HTML, and I want to code what I need. I only have like three-four days until we need to start to pack and think about South Africa. Then when I come home, I can just dive in with the next phase.

I am going to buy myself a tablet. I decided that today. I’m going to take a few hundred quid out of my savings, and buy one, because I am going to need to have something that will show me how the stuff looks on one of those devices. The tablet will also be useful for when I start university.

I’m dithering between an Android tablet or a Mac one. I will probably go with an Android tablet because my phone is an Android. I will be a contrarian and not buy Apple. 🙂 So, I’m likely to get a Samsung – all to not buy American with whatever NSA spying things are hidden in the Apple hardware. 😀

Not that GCHQ isn’t spying too, but although they would want to, I don’t think they have the capacity to spy on everyone like the NSA does. And the GCHQ seem more like the Keystone cops. They’re having some trouble politically at the moment, particularly as the crazy Home Secretary Theresa May is digging herself deeper and deeper into a hole with the David Miranda thing. I always thought David Cameron’s government was quite incompetent, but I starting to see that it’s even worse than I could ever have imagined.