I emerged from my state of being a zombie like creature at about nine this morning, having slept for nearly eleven hours. I think. I’m not sure. It was long though. Such is the price for staying up for over thirty hours to fix the pattern of day and night.

brickwallThe weather is terrible today, so we’ve mostly just snuggled up with books and dogs and other things. We should really go and do the weekly shopping, but we probably won’t because of the raining. Ah, dear old England, eh?

Yesterday we had been married for one week. I barely registered the momentous occasion. I would say that I don’t really feel that much different now than I did two weeks ago.

It feels the same, and then I catch myself thinking “Whoa!”. It’s weird. I still feel warm and fuzzy when I think that “Whoa!” though. Imagine it, he did actually come through, and married me. He must like me, eh?

Can’t think of why. 😀

I’ve consciously not done anything on the magazine today. I’ve also not bothered my brain to think of a Big Essay Idea for the blog, so you’ll have to settle for this “update” which is thin on content and thick on needless words. Maybe I’ll think of something interesting later. Although, that would be interesting to me, and not necessarily to you.

I always have this sneaking suspicion that when I write something else, people just humour me. Like the essay on scholasticism yesterday. It has like 30 views so far. Usually I get at least 70-100. So, there’s the suspicion that I’m being boring. The everlasting truth is; what I think is interesting may only interest me. 🙂

No, I’m not complaining. That’s just the way life is, I suppose. I’ll just lie here and read a book instead, and imagine all the awesome things in it.