We started to pack today; you know, dragging out the suitcases from the bottom of the closets, dusting them off, and then we left them there while we started to think about what to bring. Turns out that our wardrobes are wholly inadequate for a session in the African subtropics. We haven’t a thing to wear!

casual man carrying shopping bags in a storeThis of course meant that Mark could start drooling because we would be spending a lot of time doing what he likes best, which means going from rack to rack in clothes shops to find new clothes. Me? I much prefer to decide what to buy before-hand, go to the shop and immediately grab the item, and then get out.

Mark, however, wants to touch and feel and hum and haw and try things out for hours before he makes up his mind. Which is totally against his nature otherwise because he’s the one that usually makes lists and plans well in advance. My only concession to consumerist browsing is when I end up in a bookshop. Then I can spend hours thumbing through books and read back sides of books.

But now I can look forward to several days of wasted time going through all the clothes shops here in town. Maybe we should stay at home and forget all about Cape Town and South Africa. Eh?


serverfarmStephen came over with his old computer today also, which I had promised to buy off him for £50, and it’s going to become a Linux local server. I’m going to put an Apache server on it, and develop on that one. The computer box has been raked clean of the good stuff, of course, so I’m going to have to replace a few of the components – like put in a new graphics card and RAM. Also, the hard disk is a bit on the small side, so I’m going to have to add an external one to it.

Our network in this house is fairly primitive, and perhaps it’s time to change that. We have three laptops, two are mine and one is Mark’s. We have Mark’s old desktop as a gaming-slash-storage computer. We’ve decided to buy two tablets, because we’re both going to need one for university later, so that too will be added to the network.

We are getting to the point where we have to solidify the network in order to make it more secure. Who knows, maybe NSA and GCHQ are indexing my files collections, eh? Some of those files should not, perhaps, be open for “public“ perusal… It could be a bit embarrassing. Also, it will be easier to work on my LAMP-server if it’s on a dedicated thing. I won’t have to chase Mark off when he’s doing work on his own computer.


moneylootI didn’t tell you this before because it isn’t much to tell, but apart from my work with Auntie and during one summer when I was fifteen, which doesn’t really count, I’ve never received a proper salary in my life – until on Friday.

My jobs before have all been like work-training, or pure charity as was the case with Auntie. The pay I got on Friday certain wasn’t much. Far from it. However, it made me smile because it’s the first time I’ve earned anything without help from other people who I know. Also, it was money I got for writing.

I sent in an article before which will appear in a journal up north. I’ll link it if it ever is published online, but I doubt it. I received the awesome payment of £5 for my article, plus a gratuity copy of the journal – which will be sent on publication.

I am planning to save the bill and hang it on the wall. My first sold piece ever. I feel well proud and accomplished. And the essay I wrote was pretty good too because it was about William Hazlitt. With the bill, I’m going to frame the money too. Or a fiver. Just to remember this day.