Right, just a quick note to tell everyone that we’re off now. By the time you read this, we should be in London. The only computer I bring is my notebook, which is only good for surfing and reading mails.

I have turned off the comments on the blog, so you can’t respond to this. Usually WordPress handles spam quite well, but with Murphy’s law I know that as soon as I go away, the spam will fill up.

So, while I don’t expect any trouble while I’m away, I don’t feel like returning to sift through 1000s of offers. I’ll be back properly on the 11th, and I am certain I will have plenty of adventures to tell you about, unless I can’t shut up and post something between now and then. Maybe we are terribly bored one night.

I shall be active on Twitter at @ColinOnTweets, so you will find me there if you miss me. Since my Tumblr only requires a phone and some spare time, that one may be updated as well. You can find my tumblr here: http://colinon.tumblr.com. If there is anything quite lengthy you must tell me, you can use the contact form on this blog. However, I warn that I will not be checking my mail very regularly.

Finally, while I’m gone, have a fantastic two weeks, and see you on the other side.