I honestly thought that even though it would be winter here that Cape Town would be warmer. It’s only like 15 degrees C here now at quarter to six in the evening. So much for my prejudices about Africa. All those TV clips about parched savannahs and scorching sun has come to shame. Cape Town looks suspiciously much like home, climate-wise.

Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“We have to change our plans,” Mark told me today. “I don’t think we should go to Krueger. Not if it’s like this.” We agreed that we would stay here in Cape Town and just take it easy for the rest of the trip, and just go on local safaris. This and not flying up to Johannesburg and then to the Zimbabwe border. I hope we can get to see lions and zebras and stuff here.

There are local tours. We’ll do fine. But we now have much more time to do things than if we were hop and skip all around the country. Mark is a sweetie because he wanted to sit down and make a new list, but I had to stop him. Impulsive things are fun too.

And it will be good economically too because our stash of Rands have been depleting faster than anticipated, and the torrent would have become a flood if we had gone up to Krueger. If we’re not more careful with our money then we’ll be reduced to eating noodles for the last days of our stay here.

Cape Town is a lot cheaper than the UK. We went out last evening and spent like 300 Rand on dinner and drinks, and that’s nothing. But our budget is not bottomless. The shark trip cost over 3000 Rands alone, and that’s like £200 pounds or so. We’ve also been down in places like Greenmarket Square and the Waterfront to check out the shops.

The shopping has mostly been about saying ‘no’ dozens of time to the same vendor who is very insistent until he or she finds a new victim. Repeat this multiple times over the course of the day. Sometimes you have two or three people offering at the same time. We also had some guy follow us around asking for money until we could escape past a security guard that held back the beggar and told him to bugger off.

I joked about being eaten by lions but the lions aren’t the danger here in this town. It’s the pigeons, because there are masses of them, and they don’t take no for an answer, much like the vendors.

We might also save some money if Mark didn’t do like he did a few hours ago. He disappeared from the hotel room for thirty minutes, and then came back with the largest ice creams I’ve ever seen. I think the glasses held two pints each. It was delicious though, but I guess we won’t need dinner today.

But we were going to stay indoors today anyway, so we can cuddle up this evening and watch some telly or a film, and then just remind ourselves where we are by looking out the windows. Yup, we’re having a nice time here, we do.