Gay to Park
Gay to Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have been quite gay today. That is, we have indulged our inner and outer homos by eating breakfast in an LGBT café with a bunch of other such questionable people. Then we went for dinner to a gay pub slash restaurant. After that, we headed for a gay pub for a pint.

At this point, we have both retreated back to our hotel to release the built up gay energies. In effect, Mark has parked himself outside in a sun chair, because it is sunny today, to work on his tan. I created a horribly sweet and fruity drink that came in a pint sized glass. It even had pink umbrellas in it!

This area that we live in is called “Pink Village”. While I have no experience of being in either Soho or Greenwich village, beyond passing through Soho and considering it quite shabby, this area is said to be something like those places. I’ve heard several making that comparison.

There are a lot of gay people here because it is such a gay place. I mean, in patches here and there, the colour schemes seem more like Miami Beach’s Art Deco architecture than any usually sober Dutch or English colonial settlement.

I probably acted just as foolish as this guy (Photo credit: Wildflower Judy)

I did a bit of ethnic tourism today which made me feel a bit odd. One of the cleaners here at the hotel is in her fifties, and she is black, and I got to talk to her. I’m afraid I lived up to the prejudices of the privileged white rich kid with a pathetic interest in the plight of the less fortunate classes.

She wasn’t angry or anything, but she shut me down. I guess she is used to snooty white people like me.

The woman wasn’t a poor black woman from the shanty-towns that came in to drudge in the cleaners’ department. She was actually a part town owner of this little hotel, and just did what was needed to give good service because of a staff shortfall. I think there is a lesson in there for me that I need to learn, and not make so many assumptions. And not be so nosy.

I told you, it’s sunny and warm today, which is nice. The temperatures rose above 20 C, and now at the time of writing I think it’s like 23 or 24 C. Which is a nice temperature. We even had to put on sunscreen because we are what we are, that is we are two pasty white kids out in the sun, and if we’re not careful we will go tomato and peel.

Elephant safari
Elephant safari (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Tomorrow we’re going on a safari, so maybe this time we’ll see some of the big game that Mark so desperately wants to see. While he suggested that we skip the Krueger trip himself, he’s been disappointed that we didn’t go. So, tomorrow we’re going to compensate. I hope we see everything: zebras, lions, elephants, and rhinos.

This trip is turning into just what I needed. I feel relaxed and comfy, and I don’t feel a particular need to stress about anything. We go to bed late, wake up late, and putter about with each other.

Mark seems a lot more relaxed too, even though he spent hours Skyping yesterday with his mum and with Stephen and with some mate. I almost tore the computer away from him at one point because he didn’t pay attention to me, but there you go.

Still have four full days to go here. I like this town. There’s so much to see and do. I could spend ages here and not run out of things to be nosy about. Hopefully I will not make more assumptions, and make a fool out of myself again. One of these days, I feel like we should go out clubbing and enjoy the nightlife in this town. But, being us, that’s not really something that we do.

Mark isn’t too keen on clubbing, and I am definitely on the meh side of it. But I feel the urge for disco, for crowds, for music that has a base so heavy that your internal organs bounce around inside you. My thinking is, we’ll go on the day safari because that is what he really wants. Then we’ll go clubbing because that’s what I really want – at least once.