I am not certain whether there is a standard model for a honeymoon, and if we do follow the required steps that you have to do. You know, in order for you to say after that you had one of those honeymoons. Ours include wild animals to a high degree. Sharks one day, man-eating lions the next. Oh, and Mark is a beast too sometimes.

Tourists drive through the Masaai Mara viewing...
No we are not going to Masaai Mara and Wildebeests, but where we are going will have to do. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today we’re going on a safari. We are going to a place that everyone says is more like an open door zoo than a real safari, but lacking funds or time for an expedition to Kenya or Krueger, that’s what we’ll have to settle for.

The place called Inverdoorn, which is about two and a half hours drive from Cape Town. It promises to have the wildlife that Mark craves, and that I’m eager to see.

Of course it is not exactly a “real” safari, but we don’t expect it one of those, We expect a more open door variant of a zoo. Like, a zoo but with cars instead of cages. We’re in the metal boxes, and the animals are not.

It will be a nice day out. Hopefully we’ll see rhinos and hippos, lions and cheetahs. Maybe even elephants? Who can say with these things. Since it’s more like a zoo than a real reserve, we have high hopes.

Mark has, however, been ridiculously excited. And I am missing the dogs and George, and hope that Auntie (who looks after the dogs) and Mark’s parents (who have George) take care of them. It seems like half the family is missing when there’s no small scurrying creatures to stumble over in the mornings when we wake up and go to eat breakfast.