Today has been quiet here in the Hotel de Colin et Mark. After yesterday’s safari, Mark has spent most of the time skyping or texting every detail of the trip to Stephen and some other friends.

Lazy Drinker - Borracho huevón
Photo credit: KobraSoft

We’re back to unstable weather today so we haven’t been too keen to go outside all day. We’ve managed with lazing about here, watching the telly or reading. Or in my case, writing. With about 15 C and rain it almost feels like we’re back in England.

Our only excursion was when we went to grab some dinner, and sit there cooing like fools because it’s nice to sit under a huge palm tree and look out on the quite distinct look of the area. It really does feel like we’re in a foreign place when we sit there.

I also had to break my promise to myself and get more money, because our budget is a bit too slight for comfort. I mean, the trip and the hotel was a wedding gift from dad, but we need money for food and drinks also, and that’s what has diminished too rapidly. I had to log on and move some more into my account.

I’m just glad that Mark isn’t on one of his downtrodden working class pride trips about all this. He has taken all of this, the trip and the hotel, remarkably well and says that he sees it as a nice gift. I was a bit worried that his strained relations with my dad would get in the way.

Just three days left here in this town now. We’re going to try to get in some clubbing tomorrow, or the day after. Mark has promised me that we’d do it after I indulged his fancy about the safari.

It is going to be strange to come home from this bubble and get back into things. When I come home there are fresher days at the university between the 10th and 12th that I can book. I’m considering going, although I don’t have to. On the 26th Welcome Week starts, and then the serious business of education gets going again.

I still haven’t a clue about any goals or motivations, so I’ll have to take things as they come along for now.