View from the northern CBD towards Table Mount...
Photo credit: Wikipedia

Today our last full day here in Cape Town begins, and tomorrow evening at eight we’ll leave this town, and I’m feeling a bit sad about that because we’ve had a wonderful time here, just the two of us. On the one hand, our slow pace with just staying in and puttering about minding our own business pretty much has made me feel incredibly relaxed. On the other, I really want to go home because the stimuli centres are overcharged, and I feel a bit mentally exhausted.

Back home there will not be much time to reorient because we have to dive straight into our real lives. The preparations for university is in full swing, and in just a few weeks we will start that phase of our lives. I do look forward to it, but despite the mental exhaustion I’m mentioned, I also want to stay here and prolong this thing we’re having here for longer.

It seems like we must start to take charge of our lives again, and not spend it lying in this incredibly oversized double bed with a view out toward the Cape Town bowl and the sea there. Cape Town has a funny cloud pattern, particularly up against Table Mountain. It can be quite dramatic sometimes. The clouds form a backdrop with a certain dramatic personae that suits the purpose of this trip, and what we do here. Croissants and tea in the morning with the wind rustling through the palm trees that tower over everything everywhere make draw us together into a twee thing.

So, since I wrote yesterday about hairless monkeys (in a post I’ve yet to publish!), the case may be that these two young hairless monkeys that’s been away on a long and fantastic trip to lands unknown are going home soon. It’s good to go home, but I already miss this place. It feels like today it’s time to say good bye to it.