Anti-Torture Vigil - Week 15
Photo credit: Shrieking Tree

Investigators said Hana had endured beatings, starvation, being forced to sleep outside and use an outdoor toilet and that she had lost a significant amount of weight since her adoption in 2008. Prosecutors said her 10-year-old brother, who also was adopted from Ethiopia, was similarly mistreated.

The parents kept the family isolated from non-relatives, home-schooled them and followed a harsh child-rearing regimen described in the Christian parenting book To Train Up a Child, investigators said, while adding that religion had been deemed not relevant to the criminal case.

During the seven-week trial Carri Williams was tearful yet defiant under cross-examination by prosecutors. Shown a photo of her children, she accused prosecutors of having “ripped apart” her family. “I did the best I could with what I knew,” she said.

The Religion of Love strikes again

There are hundreds of people on Goodreads that should be investigated for child abuse since they have given high marks in review of this book. I mean, if you have excessive snooping with NSA, why not use it for something useful? Find the IP addresses of the people who gave that book 5- and 4-star reviews and save a bunch of kids. No, I’m not going to link the book. Just reading the reviews made me feel filthy.

And the reason I feel filthy is that many people see a child and see something wicked and bad and evil, and then rationalise hurting the child to “correct” the perceived evil. Those reviews kept rationalizing why kids should suffer, and the rationalisation was the bible.

It serves well as an example to illustrate that even the moderate mainstream of Christianity basically see humanity, even its infants and its young, as something that must be made to suffer. Maybe their methods aren’t as bad as in this case, but there’s a logical progression based on a shared view from light slapping because of the bible to starving the kid to death because of the bible. This so that they can be “saved”. I call anyone that follows through with faith after such a treatment someone who suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.