Today has been about waiting, because we checked out of the hotel at noon, put our suitcases in a little room, and then we’ve waited for the hour to near eight o’clock P.M. when our aeroplane takes off and starts the twelve hour flight back home to good old England.

Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler, “Going Home”

The weather has been unstable, as has our moods, because there’s not a lot you can think of to do when you’re on the clock. In the end, at around five, we gave up and went back to the hotel. We collected our baggage, and then took a taxi to the airport. And here we are, having sat for hours. It’s still an hour left until the plane leaves.

British Airways Boeing 747-400 parked at Cape ...
British Airways Boeing 747-400 parked at Cape Town International Airport (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m of two minds about going back home. On the one hand, it feels like it’s time. On the other, I want to stay another month. We’re already planning a return, even though we probably both know that in a week those plans will have faded. Reality will have caught up, and we will have other things on our minds.

So, then it becomes a question of tallying up the score. My attempt to make this a more spontaneous trip than Mark saw has succeeded somewhat. We’ve done about seventy per cent of the things on his list. Other things we didn’t do because we couldn’t. Then there was more we didn’t do because I “sabotaged” it, so that we could be impulsive.

I asked mum, when I Skyped with her last evening to let her know the details about our return, what it had been like for her and dad. Their honeymoon hadn’t been like ours, because they’d ended up in Bournemouth because they were students and couldn’t afford anything fancy like this. She didn’t remember much, except that it had been nice. So, maybe that’s what will happen here too. In twenty years time, this trip will just be a fuzzy feeling that “it was nice.

I feel well satisfied, and I am ready to go back to real life and leave this bubble of twee, and start the next bit of our lives. The only concern, as it concerns the cheap me, is that I still have quite a bit left on my South African prepaid SIM-card I’ve used here. However, back to reality. Back to this new reality now that the forms and customs have been done away with. Back to this new thing as just another married couple that navigate life like everyone else.