In the days we have been home, Mark and I have done absolutely nothing that warrants mention online or offline. Welcome to the boring life of two middle class married guys.

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The only thing I’ve done over the last two days that do call for mention is that I’ve made a new song, which you can listen to here.

Oh, and my aunt is a wine stealing person because we gave her the key to our house so that she could water Spikey the cactus when we were gone. And she could bring in the mail. When we came back we found a note in the stash that she had “borrowed” four bottles from me.

I think we’re just about oozing out of our lethargy now, because I’ve started to sit and stare at code for my magazine web thing again, between re-recording all the failed attempts at creating a sound wall for my song. I am considering investing in some sort of professional software package to get more options than Audacity gives me. In particular, it would be good to get access to loops and instruments.

All that was interrupted, however, as both Abbie and Stephen came over to see the couple in various stages of lethargy over the last two days. And it was good to see them again. And it’s good that I once again that seriously rack my brain to find esoteric subjects to publish on my blog when I can’t find a flipping thing to say about anything in our lives.