My life is focused on driving at the moment. On Monday, I took my theoretical driving test, and I passed. Now it’s on to the practical test before long. I can’t wait. Mark hogs the car too much, and I want to drive some.

Grand Theft Auto 5 cover image
This is what keeps me busy these days until school begins.

The other way my life focuses on cars is that, despite road-bumps, I am busy running over pedestrians, breaking trees and cars, as well as stealing them to the left and right. Oh, this is a computer game. I try not to let Grand Theft Auto Five influence my real life. Well, not entirely.

My Xbox is quite broken still, which should have stopped me from playing this game. However, Stephen is a true friend, and he rang and said okay to a swap Xboxes for a bit. I’ll get his, and he’ll get mine, for about two-three weeks until I am sated on this game.

After all, he hardly plays on that thing at his house. When he plays games, he’s here. And he’s not much of a tech head, so he won’t miss it. So, to recap – this means, that I HAVE GRAND THEFT AUTO FIVE! And I love. I love, love, love it. I also neglect life, hygiene, friends, and at one point Mark had to come and tell me sternly to have some dinner. Of course, when I did, he stole my spot and started to play.

And that, my friends, that’s grounds for divorce.


Getting a new mail address is hardly any worthy of note, except that this time it marks a beginning of something new. Something is brewing in my life, and it’s close, and I can just taste it. So, when I got a mail today telling me how to claim my identity on the university servers, it came with the promise of my own email address, it marked that change in a little tiny way. Back in college we had an intranet and a message board. Here I have a faculty and email address. Progress, right?

I did sit there for a full minute and felt full of myself. Just a few more days remain until Fresher’s week start, and then I have planned to dive right in. Not dive right in as in ‘finding every bottle and party within five miles and attend them all”’, but in the sense that on Fresher’s Faire – which will come up soon – I’ll throw myself into the club life. No, not night club. Chess club, LGBT club, that kind of club. Except I’m going to do my damnedest to find something about music.

When I started my college I had these hopes that I would find a band, a class, but nothing came of it and I was in the musical wilderness for so long. This time things will be different. This time I won’t give up. And this time I don’t think I’ll have to either.

But first. Is that a group of pedestrians down near the beach? Where’s my ice cream truck…