We haven’t had one of these kinds of days in a while, but say what bliss lasts forever. This day we have spent on the opposite side of the house. Mark sits glaring and sullen in the sofa in the living room, and I sit fuming up in the office. When we cross paths in the hallway on the way to the kitchen or the bathroom, we shoot daggers with our eyes at each other.

Yes, this is argument day, and as usual the cause is trivial and pointless. I won’t go into exactly what because it’s not important. The important thing is that we’re not on speaking terms at the moment, and to avoid shouting at each other, we have made strategic retreats into our own little fortresses.

We will get over it, eventually, but I just realised, once again, how silly it when two stubborn people can lock down so much in dispute that talking becomes impossible. Even if I write this, and even if I realise that our argument is pointless, I don’t think I could yield if I went downstairs. That’s the problem with two stubborn mules being in a relationship.

For now I can continue to play this game, Grand Theft Auto, and forget about the little thunder-cloud downstairs while my cloud circle over my head moaning about him being unreasonable and unfair.


I haven’t been entirely busy with the game, and I’ve done some work on the magazine. What I’m trying to do now is to figure out a way to make a pay wall. Yes, I’m going for a pay wall for one reason mainly. If I get someone else to help me write the thing, I would like to pay that person. I have a principle that I wouldn’t want to profit off the labour of someone else.

If that means that nobody will read it, eventually, because everyone wants things for free then I think keeping the principle is more important than the viability of the magazine.

What I am going to implement, if I can, is one open layer with summaries of what exists in the pay wall layer. So, say I have a 4000 word essay with research and data and audio and tables behind the pay wall, then I will have a 300-400 words summary of it in the open section with a link to a web shop where the reader can buy a subscription. The subscription then gives access to the article (and all other essays) for a week or a month or a year.

Subscriptions will also allow you to comment on the essay. Comments won’t be open to everyone, because I want people to be who they say they are. The discussion will be better if the magazine won’t have to accommodate every anonymous troll out there.

All this is obviously a coding challenge and a technical challenge because I will have to add a web shop, a layered content creation, and secure payments. Actually, I’m planning to just let places like European alternatives to PayPal or Amazon or Google handle the payment side. They will have systems for this and I won’t have to do anything but to create a frame for those systems.


Someone just came in and hugged me from behind as I wrote this and wanted us to be friends again, and how could I refuse that? Our argument was quite silly anyway, and it was more about built up frustrations than real reasons.

I think I’m going to give the game, the internet, and the magazine a rest for a few hours. If for no other reason than that I just promised to cook dinner.