You know that old saying? The one “that there are good things for those who wait”. If you ask me, that’s a load of rubbish.

Bring Back My Happiness
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All the saying does is to sacrifice happiness in the moment for the slight chance of something good happening later. That chance may, or may not come. So why wait for that chance at all, and forsake real opportunities for good things now?

The state of my friends’ relationships is what brings this declaration from yours truly. Both Abbie and Stephen have, today, voiced this lie in different forms as an excuse to do nothing. I won’t go into detail, because the circumstances are private.

Needless to say, it made me think that my idea of grasping the little chances of happiness when they appeared have paid off. Maybe I would have said different things if those chances had failed, but I honestly don’t think so.


Warwiki - Warwick Uni Fresher's Fayre 3
Warwick Uni Fresher’s Fayre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s four days left now until school starts, or rather until Fresher’s Week starts. Fresher’s week looks like a longish introduction into university life. Do they actually need a tutorial for that? Is it so complicated?

I look at my notes and it seems like the first year is organised a lot like my college was. We’ll study compulsory units which we will have tests for, and once we’ve cleared those tests we’ll get marks. If we have enough marks we’ll be retained for the second year.

The second year, we’ll start to study more independently, from what I can tell. My interest is in literature history here, and I suppose I’ll be allowed to start to study that in year two. But there’s still going to be a fair bit of compulsory units.

I’m not sure how much education we need in gaining an education. Is university life really that different from college life?


Helen Keller, 3/4 lgth., standing; facing righ...
Helen Keller with a man playing a piano. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I made another song, which I’ll publish on my other blog when I’ve polished it until it shines. It’s mainly an acoustic one, but there’s a little strand of electric guitar in it.

Speaking of which, I’ve decided to buy an electric guitar, since I don’t want to ring my mate and borrow his all the time. One of these days, I’ll also have to publish a song I’ve made on the piano Mark bought for me.

I’ve been very dutiful in going to piano lessons, and it seems like a waste if I never do anything public with it. I just have a much harder time with the motor coördination. Guitars are easy. Pianos, not so much. I keep focusing on hitting the right keys instead of singing, and I am after all a singer – not an instrument player.

I suppose I will get better, but thinking that – aren’t I back to “those who wait…” then? I knew there was something amiss here.